Recent Bakes: Kitty Donuts and Scones for the Good Mews Cat Café

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably already know that I’m a major fan of Good Mews, a cage-free and no-kill cat shelter in metro Atlanta. Two out of my three kitties were adopted from Good Mews, and I try to donate baked goods to them whenever possible. Thankfully there are lots of opportunities for me to bake for the good of the kitties, be it feeding volunteers, celebrating the opening of a new building or one of their many bake sales!

This time Good Mews decided to turn their shelter into a cat café for one day only. They set up a lovely buffet of breakfast pastries, quiches, fruit, coffee and “meowmosas” for guests to enjoy. Naturally, after enjoying these goodies we were all free to spend time with the kitties!

I wasn’t the only one baking for this event by a long shot! Check out the lovely spread everyone worked together to make:

We had danishes, sausage rolls, spinach rolls, walnut coconut balls, pumpkin pasties and more! It was absolutely scrumptious. I’m a savory breakfast kinda girl, so I especially enjoyed the pumpkin pasties and quiches.

As for my own contributions, I brought scones and donuts!

I brought my blueberry streusel scones because they’re always a crowd pleaser. My bacon, chive and cheddar scones ended up being even more popular, to my surprise! I also brought some cinnamon apple scones, which are a personal favorite of mine. I later found out a bunch of people misread this as “Maple Cinnamon Scones.” I clearly need to work on my calligraphy pen writing!

The donuts were also well-received. I made a spiced pumpkin cake donut and coated them in a cream cheese and white chocolate glaze, with little almonds for ears. The glaze was really delicious, but it stayed pretty soft and that made transporting them a pain.

Let’s be honest, you guys are probably here to see KITTIES! So, with no further ado, here’s a nice assortment of photos of the shelter and its residents!

The interior of the shelter is beautiful. It’s colorful, full of light and has a very open floorplan for the kitties to wander around!

Good Mews has kitties of all ages and from all sorts of backgrounds. Surrendered housecats, strays, kittens, and cats with special needs and disabilities. All of them get very individual attention, which is part of what makes the shelter so special.

Sampson is a shelter favorite, and he won over more hearts by spending most  of the morning sitting at the information booth and helping people fill out paperwork. When I went to photograph him, he was meditating deeply on what makes a good donut.

This sweetiepie was loving all the bright sunshine coming in from the windows.

I also met a girl that’s sure to become one of my favorites: Molly! She’s a sweetheart and a total cuddle bug that recently came to the shelter after her owner passed away. As you can see, she’s a pretty rotund gal. She’s currently in a special diet room with the diabetic kitties. The volunteers are giving her lots of active play to accompany her new diet, so I’m sure she’ll be slimming down in no time!

I’ll finish this entry off with a cute little video of Molly playing with her cupcake toy! Show that cupcake who’s boss, Molly!


  1. Impy says:

    Oh my goodness! I wish Molly well in slimming down – as much as I love a fat, happy cat, I love happy and healthy cats more!

    • Katharina
      Katharina says:

      I agree! Good Mews is a wonderful shelter with a lot of individualized attention, so I’m very optimistic. She is in a room with the diabetic kitties so she and her friends all have a special diet. I’m sure she’ll be more spry in no time.

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