Bake With Me: A Tsum Tsum Cake for amazing kitties. (Pt. 1)

For this cake to make sense you will need to know about two things. The first thing is this adorable Tsum Tsum short from Youtube, which I implore you to watch if you like cakes and cute things. Let’s be honest, you’re here… so you probably like those things.

Second, you should know about Good Mews Animal Foundation. Those of you that follow me on Instagram will know that I have two kitties I love dearly. Our younger kitty, French Toast, was adopted from an incredible shelter in the Atlanta area called Good Mews. Ever since we adopted French Toast, I’ve kept up with the goings on at the shelter. Their Facebook page is one of my favorites, and the stories posted there always warm my heart. They’re a truly incredible organization, and their staff and volunteers never cease to impress.

Having established the existence of these two things, I can explain my train of thought a bit. The second I saw the Tsum Tsum short, I knew I had to replicate that cake. It was just way, way too cute! I also knew that there was no way I’d be able to make that cake small enough for my friends and I to polish off, so I decided I’d need to find a group of people to give it to. Enter Good Mews! The shelter had recently completed a move, and I knew the staff and volunteers were working double time to get things settled and help the kitties adjust to their new space. If anyone deserved a treat, it was them. Also, in the interest of honesty, I was excited about a cake delivery that ended with me snuggling kitties. I arranged a day to bring the cake to the shelter and got baking!

First off, baking the cakes! I decided on a size of 8″, 6″, 4″, and 2.5″. I made alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla chiffon cake as the base.

Once baked, I layered the cakes with white chocolate mousse (and in the vanilla layers, fresh strawberries) in a cake collar and popped them into the fridge.

Next step… Tsums! I wanted to go along with the Tsum theme, but I wanted the cake to make sense for Good Mews, so I picked out the four feline Tsums: Marie, Figaro, Lucifer and Cheshire cat!

I also made the dark chocolate colored plaque (in this case edible wafer paper with chocolate fondant on top) and replaced the Minnie from the short with Marie.

That was it for the evening of the first day. The mousse needed a good amount of time to set, and I headed to bed. Stay tuned for the final cake, plus some shelter photos!


  1. DecoJenn says:

    O: Wow, this cake is going to be quite marvelous when it’s done! I love the pastry Tsum Tsums, and the plaque. :3

    Just for the record, I ended up watching all the Tsum Tsum shorts on Youtube thanks to your link :p

    Take care~!

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