One of my favorite things about blogging has been meeting so many awesome people producing original content. Here are some of my favorite creative people!



Distilled Dreams is a new cocktail blog made by a good friend of mine, Josh. Josh and I met in culinary school and have been picking one another’s brains for flavor combination ideas and recipe advice ever since. Check out his recipes to get your tasty, tasty drink on.



The Fiction Kitchen Podcast is an awesome podcast run by Diana and Carrie from Witchy Kitchen and Fiction Food Cafe, respectively. Each new episode they cover a TV series, book or film. They discuss the media with a focus on the food that appears in it, and then they come up with recipes to fit the media theme! It’s a really fun listen, and they start each episode off with a Tasty Time segment where they focus on awesome food creators.



Witchy Kitchen is run by Carrie from Fiction Food Podcast. Carrie posts delicious, amazing recipes that you feel warm just looking at. You can practically smell the spices through the screen! Not only does she post recipes, but she also does food recaps for shows like Twin Peaks!



The Gluttonous Geek is just awesome. The Gluttonous Geek is a woman named Catherine, who does amazing fiction-inspired food that’s well thought out and researched. Seriously, this woman does her homework. This isn’t cookie cutter “nerd food”… it’s high quality cooking that really expresses fandom in flavor and appearance. To top it off, she’s local and I can confirm that her food is absolutely scrumptious.


Fiction Food Cafe is a blog dedicated to replicating foods from movies, books, TV and more. Diana is incredibly creative and I’m continually blown away by her take on foods in media. I swear, she’s a culinary MacGuyver. She’s also the other half of the Fiction Food podcast and makes awesome and adorable clay miniatures. (I own the royal tart earrings. They’re adorable.)


Alyssa is a close friend of mine that creates adorable art! She has a way of capturing personality in her art that I just love.

Professionally Cute is an apt title for the business dealings of my friend Holly, who creates the most insanely awesome plushes you’ve ever seen in your life. Seriously, you need to see these… the level of detail is ridiculous.

Mimolette Monster is a graphics sorceress. You may have seen her on Skin Wars: Fresh Paint with RuPaul. Her style features bright colors and a very unique mix of creepy and cute themes. She’s an equally amazing friend and artist, so check her out!

Marvelle Petit is a fantastic romance writer that also happens to be a good friend. I’m not a huge romance fan, but she manages to make it unique and interesting! I always look forward to reading her newest releases. She also does some really amusing/interesting reviews of romance books and otome games. If you like your romance fandom with a healthy dose of humor and self-awareness, you’ll love her site.

DecoJenn is a clay miniature sculpter! She’s even done replicas of my desserts. Her resin charms are beyond adorable as well, and she happens to be a total sweetheart. If you’re a Sailor Moon fan or just love cute and tiny sweets, go check her out!

FuzziMutt Creations is run by my friend Dia, who is a wonderful animator and artist that also works as a plush maker. Her plushes are very distinct, original and adorable. Her newest line, Fuzzipuffs, consists of every cute animal imaginable in softball-sized puff form. (Imagine a shrill squealing sound coming from me here.)

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