Bake With Me: Bob’s Burgers Gingerbread House, Pt 4 (Final)


This is a completely accurate depiction of me right now.


Here’s a recap of the final bits:

Today actually came together pretty quickly, which is good because half of my counter space was dedicated to Bob’s Burgers at this point.

As you can see from that photo, my first order of business was covering the board in snow. “Snow” in this case was royal icing with granulated sugar placed on top. I then situated my Gingerbob family and trees and piped some lights on the display window area.

I powdered the trees with some snow as well and used wafer paper to add the last house piece. I also used wafer paper to hold it up while it dried. This gave me time to pipe some wreaths!

Finally, THE ROOF! It was dry enough for me to pop on. I filled white royal into some of the ridges and just generally tried to clean it up a bit. While that dried, I put a bunch of my spice jars on top to make sure nothing shifted around. The pastillage had this weird urge to curl up at the edges as it dried, which gave me more filling in to do than I had anticipated.

My last job was covering the roof, windowsills and other details in a very heavy layer of royal icing snow. I wanted this to be some serious snow, especially at the corners. And then…. I WAS DONE!

Here are some detail shots for your enjoyment. This project was a long one, but so absolutely worth it. I mean, look at Bob’s little mustache. Come on.

Thanks for reading my various woes throughout this process! I’ll be a bit quiet in coming weeks since I have a huge amount of stuff to do over the Holidays. I only have one more post planned for the rest of this year, which will be up before Christmas.  After the new year, I’ll be resuming my Sailor Moon dessert series! I’ve got a lot more planned, too, so stay tuned!


  1. Rosa says:

    This is AMAZING. I would pay any price for the little Belcher cookies! His little mustache!!

    Oh please start taking orders online! Everything you make is gorgeous, creative, and incredible.

  2. April says:

    You are freaking amazing. I’m doing Bob’s Burgers themed Christmas decorations for work, was toying with idea of doing some kind of gingerbread something… and I stumbled on this project. This is incredible. Seriously… you’re awesome.

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