Bake With Me: Bob’s Burgers Gingerbread House, Pt 3.

OH HO HO HO, am I ever pleased with myself. No mess-ups today, none! It was a short day, but I’m still jazzed. I’m almost glad the first roof broke, almost. Version 2 is much more refined and fits together more neatly. I chose to hold things up with spice jars this go around. I can’t wait to pop that roof on at the end and see it all come together.

I put my walls together today as well. I glued them with white icing initially, and then spread a thin layer of brown royal icing (runnier and not as good for holding things together) over the edges to even them out and hide the white color. Additionally, the brown is going to dry a bit darker than the gingerbread. This is fine since it adds sort of a shading effect around the house edges.

Instead of buying an expensive board, I actually cut up some cardboard we had around the house. I’ll trim it with ribbon at the end to hide any rough edges.


To cover the insides of the windows, I used sheets of wafer paper. This has the added bonus of being translucent enough that I can pop some lights in there later if I want.

To quote Trent Reznor, “Things aren’t as pretty on the inside.”

Next up, I made some royal icing Christmas trees. I just piped on some paper cones using a leaf tip. Do you like my Star Trek shot glass Christmas tree holder? It reflects what a classy baker I am.

I also added some marker details on the wafer paper.

That means all I’ve got left is some final detailing and roof assembly! So, next up: the final entry in my first Bake With Me series!

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