Announcing #Nyanuary!

As you all know, the folks over at Fandom Foodies and I have been doing monthly themes for a while. My turn to host rolled around, and the theme I chose was…


I’m a crazy cat lady already, but now I’m going right off the deep end and I’m doing it with my own hashtag. Throughout January, we’ll be cooking inspired by cats from pop culture and media. Any cat goes! A cat-person? Sure. A stuffed animal? Why not! Lions and tigers? Totally acceptable. Bears? Okay, not bears.

This is a broad theme, so I assembled some examples to get ideas flowing. Once you start thinking of how many cats there actually are in films/TV/games, you’ll realize this is a theme you can combine with practically any fandom.

Those are just a tiny sampling of themes you could use. Just imeowgine the possibilities!

(I’ve devolved into bad cat puns. I’ll see myself out.)

See you cats January 1st for the Mew Year!

(I can’t stop.)

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