Updates: Blog schedule and Pastry Live!

Hi everyone! I’m sorry for what has been a bit of an erratic update schedule in the past weeks.

I’ve been avidly preparing for a large pastry competition called Pastry Live. It will be taking place August 23rd in Atlanta, and until I complete my piece for the Art of Cake competition I’ll have significantly less free time for blog updates. I’ll continue to work on my Steven Universe desserts as well as making some blog posts about the competition; I just may not adhere to the Every-Monday schedule I’ve had until now.

I’m super excited (and nervous) to be competing in Pastry Live again. I did compete back in 2011 and 2012, and in 2011 I even managed to win! It’s been a while, though, and the event has grown incredibly! I can’t wait to update you guys on everything.

I’ll leave you with some photos of my cake from 2011!

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