Special Features: PCM’s first ever Reader Renditions post!

So, I’ve long been on about how I want to do a post on some of the things my readers have baked with my recipes. When people send me photos of the things they’ve made from Pretty Cake Machine, I’m just over the moon. Oh, and I save every one in a folder. I’m that into it! As a result, I contacted some of the readers who have sent me photos to ask if I could feature them, and thankfully many of them said yes!

My first submissions hail from Reddit! Redditor /u/sabtacular did a beautiful version of my Oma’s Black Forest Cake. I’m weeping actual tears at how delicious it looks (or just drooling).

Redditor /u/dutchy85 also made this recipe, but she omitted the short crust base and made adorable cupcakes! I freaking love these, and I’m actually going to try this version myself soon.

And finally, Redditor /u/tms872, who made my Lemon Chiffon Strawberry Shortcake! She said she’s made it multiple times and it’s always been a hit, which delights me more than I can say. I’m honored to be in your recipe rotation, /u/tms872!

My friend Josh of Pat Rat Shack also tried his hand at this recipe and did a fabulous job. I love that both of them made it round; I think it suits the cake!

This next one is a version of my Sailor Venus dessert, submitted by Margarita L. She tells me she didn’t really have the time to let things set up, and so she put things together a bit differently. She said it tasted great, though, and I think it looks scrumptious!

Writer extraordinaire and connoisseur of all things cute, Marvelle Petit, also tried her hand at one of the Sailor Moon desserts! She chose Mars, and she did an awesome job. I’m told her favorite part of the recipe was the mousse. She and I are on the same page with that!

And finally, something just a little different! The wonderful DecoJenn from decojenn.com contacted me a while ago and asked if she could make some clay replicas of my Sailor Moon dessert series! My answer went a little something like, “YASSSSSS OH MY GOD YASSSSSSSS.”

Above is her first amazing replica. She wrote a great blog entry about it that you should check out! I mean, is this amazing or what? Thanks so much, Jenn!

That’s all for today! Thank you so much to everyone who tried my recipes and sent photos!

Do you have a dessert you’ve tried from this page that you’d like me to post? Message me on FB/Instagram/via e-mail or wherever else you please and let me know!


  1. DecoJenn says:

    Now I am having even more issues trying *not* to eat the computer screen! Everyone’s replicas look super tasty and great. *glances at clay cakes* but I can’t eat mine lol

    Thanks for this sweet post, Kat.

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