Redwall August!

Starting August 1st, people all across the internet will be sharing Redwall inspired recipes or creations using the tag #redwallaugust on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter… wherever!

I will be participating in Redwall August, and I highly recommend you all do as well, as it’ll be tons of fun. There’s a wide variety of things that you can submit, even non-recipes if you want! For more details on Redwall and also the criteria to participate, please head over to the master post on Fiction Food Cafe!

Redwall August was inspired by this lovely Grayling à la Redwall recipe from The Gluttonous Geek. Her recipe sparked some conversation in the Fandom Foodies Facebook group, which by the way you should ABSOLUTELY join if you’re into geeky food! Diana over at Fiction Food Cafe took the initiative on organizing, and I’m looking forward to awesome contribution from members of the group and beyond!

So grab a Redwall book, strap your aprons on and join us in the kitchen for Redwall August!

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