Recipe/Tutorial: Legendary Hero Finger Sandwiches (Undertale Undertea, part 6)

I almost feel bad, since this is such a non-recipe! On the bright side, it’s easy and fun.

My one suggestion would be to take care with your bread and filling choices. Make sure they’re easy to cut! Avoid things like proscuitto, for example. My own bread choice left a bit to be desired on the easy-to-cut front, but it surely was tasty.


16 large slices of bread (I chose a sourdough)
Deli meats of your choice (I chose assorted hams)
Cheese of your choice (I chose chevre, and only used it on half)
Vegetables and greens of your choice (I went with escarole and cucumber)
Spread of choice (I used eggplant spread on some, mayonnaise on others)


1. Spread out your slices of bread and brush the tops with your spread of choice. Now layer on your cheese, meats and greens and sandwich the layers of bread together.
2. Using a piece of paper, cut out a small sword shape big enough to fit over your sandwiches twice. Now, using a sharp knife and the paper as a guide, carefully cut each sandwich into two swords shapes. Enjoy!

The fun thing about finger sandwiches is you really don’t have to adhere to any rules. Just wanna do cucumber and cream cheese? Great! Wanna make it more like a Hero sandwich with meats and veggies? Go for it. As long as it’s easy to cut you can do anything you like!

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