Recent Bakes: Bubble Cupcakes and a Metallic Wedding!

This was a pretty busy weekend for me! I really only do cakes for friends and family these days, but it just so happened that a former nannying charge of mine’s little sister had a birthday the same weekend that my friend Emily was getting married. Subsequently, my oven did lots of work this Friday.

The cupcakes were a mix of coconut, double chocolate, mango mousse and raspberry lemonade flavors. The fun part was decorating them; the theme was bubbles. I topped them with a mix of white chocolate, modeling chocolate and icing bubbles airbrushed on a spectrum and dusted with pearl dust. I was very pleased with the outcome! I really want to do a bubble cake after this.

On to the wedding!

My friend requested a cake buffet with a very simple aesthetic. Her colors were a mix of warm metallics: bronze, copper, champagne, rose gold and everything in between. She decided on four satellite cakes topped with handmade edible metallic confetti, and a simple pink and gold hombre for the cutting cake.

Her setup was also very simple and cute. She had an assortment of small metallic cake plates and some cute handwritten labels.

The flavors for the wedding included chocolate, marble, fresh strawberry, raspberry lemonade and peach schnapps with cream cheese. The last one seemed to be most popular. In any case, everyone present laid waste to the table in about 15 minutes.

The wedding in general was also a blast to be a guest at: she had a macaroni and cheese food truck, people! A macaroni and cheese food truck!

She also had a polaroid guestbook, so I’ll end this entry with our super classy and subdued photo. Until next entry!

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