Recent Bakes: A Sailor Moon rococo cake.

I made this cake for a friend’s graduation. What better way to ring in a new chapter of life than with some nostalgia for chapters past?

Some technical details: The cake was chocolate with a whipped ganache buttercream filling. The bottom tier was an 8″ hexagon, and the top a 6″ round.

The cake was decorated entirely in a triple-sec spiked Italian Meringue buttercream, with a few small exceptions: The pink oval adornments, golden beads, heart compacts and topper were made of homemade pastillage. The piping was freehand, and the pastillage topper was cut using a stencil I made based on a photo I found online.



  1. Tai T says:

    This is so close to what we want for our wedding ;-; It’s so gorgeous! Our wedding is some time off still, but do you do cakes and cupcakes for weddings?

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