Pretty Cake Machine is now on PATREON!

I’m so excited to announce that my Patreon page is finally live!

Patreon is an easy way for you to support people who make stuff you love! Think of it like a monthly tip jar. You choose an amount to pledge to Pretty Cake Machine each month, and in return you get access to things like a patron-only news feed, polls about my next project, and bonus content. Plus, you can consider yourself a bonafide patron of the arts!

I’m offering rewards like access to my patron-only news feed, voting for which recipes I will make next, and even custom recipes made just for you! Heck, if you pledge the highest tier you could even get a little care package from me every single month! Even $1 per month is incredibly helpful for me to make this blog awesome (that’s a bag of flour!), so please check it out and consider sharing. It would mean the world to me!

A big, big, big, GIANT shout-out and thank you to Champasaurus, who made all the art for my Patreon page. She’s an incredible artist and a genuinely wonderful, kind person. Please go check her out!

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