#Nyanuary Link-Up

We at Fandom Foodies are welcoming in the New Mew Year with a celebration of all things feline! During the month of January, share recipes inspired by  cats from media using the hashtag #Nyanuary!

Foods that look like cats, foods that the cat you’re inspired by might like… heck, even ACTUAL cat food qualifies. You can share your creations anywhere you like: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or your own blog.


  1. Post your food photo or recipe on your blog or on social media. Use both the #fandomfoodies and #nyanuary hashtag! Each entry should also include a link to this post and a link to FandomFoodies.com so other people can participate! You can also @ Fandom Foodies when you post on Instagram (@fandomfoodies) or Twitter (@fandom_foodies).
  2. If you post a recipe on your own blog, submit it to the link-up at the bottom of this post.

That’s it! Easy-peasy!

If you’d like to use the #Nyanuary tag to share non-food things like cosplay, nail art or pictures of your cat, you are more than welcome to! The link-up in this post will be for recipes, but we’d love to see all forms of kitty appreciation spread across the internet.


A quick note: Recipes should be of your own creation (meaning don’t link someone else’s recipe). It’s fine to use a recipe from another blog or cookbook, of course, just use proper etiquette and credit the source/who you adapted from!




If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, I made this little list to get the wheels turning! I think you’ll find this theme can be incorporated with nearly every fandom.

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