Introducing Beepboop!

Guys, I am super crazy pee-my-pants happy to introduce Pretty Cake Machine’s new mascot!


Look at that sweet pastry robot face. Officially he (she?) is named Macarobo, but I just call the little squirt Beepboop. In any case, Beepboop the Macarobo was designed by the stupidly talented Mimolette Monster. Her art is truly incredible and you should all go check it out!

Note: Mimolette Monster did not name the mascot Beepboop. You can blame that one on me. I was so excited about that cute little bot that I even made a little marzipan Beepboop to keep my ginger cookies company.

That’s all for the new logo introduction! See you all on Monday for the next Sailor Moon inspired dessert… Neptune!

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