In the name of the Moon, I have an announcement!

After polling my readers on social media and getting a hugely enthusiastic response, I have decided to take this month to remake the Sailor Moon Dessert series.

If you haven’t been over to my Patreon page lately, now’s the time! All month I’ll be giving exclusive looks into my redesign of this dessert series. Patrons will get to see sketches and photos as I work, ask questions about my process, and more!

You can get access to this exclusive content for just $1 a month!


As an added bonus, if you pledge $10+ and message me with your favorite senshi, you’ll get an exclusive look into what that senshi’s dessert will look like. Your card will even include a sketch of the dessert design and a lowdown on the components!

And to those who have supported already… thank you, thank you, thank you! The support of my patrons really is invaluable to me. Blog income is often a very inconsistent thing and Patreon helps give me peace of mind that the basic costs of maintaining this site will be covered every month. In exchange, I try to give my patrons as many awesome things as possible! Stickers, personalized videos, mailed notes, patron exclusive recipes… the number of rewards is only growing, so go check it out!

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