Important Updates!

Item 1: PCM has a new domain and cleaned up archives!

First thing’s first: we have a new domain! Our new home is instead of The new domain recently became available for purchase, so I jumped on it while I could! All old links should redirect automatically to the new domain. If you have any problems, just shoot me an e-mail!

I’ve also done some housekeeping in the PCM archives to make things easier to navigate. I now have a tag for Movies, Books, Video Games, Television and Anime/Manga. Hopefully this will make my archives easier to navigate! I’ve also added tags for fandoms I tend to bake for often such as Sailor Moon, Steven Universe and Nintendo. There’s a tag cloud in the sidebar now that should be quite helpful.

Your feedback about the blog is super important to me, so let me know if you’d like any changes to be made!

Item 2: If you’ve enjoyed my content, please support the blog.

Pretty Cake Machine recently had its 2 year anniversary, and I really need your help to keep producing content at the rate I want to. If you’ve enjoyed this site and my recipes, please consider supporting the site in one of the following ways:

  1. Do your holiday shopping using PCM’s Amazon link. All you have to do is click this link and then shop as usual. I’ll get a small portion of what you spend without you paying anything extra at all.
  2. If you haven’t looked at my Patreon page, now’s the time! Patreon is a wonderful platform that allows me to give you guys a behind the scenes look at my blogging and even let my supporters vote directly on what entries they want. I am so, so thankful for my patrons.
  3. Check out things you can do to support PCM that don’t cost any money. Growing this blog is about more than just donations, so even if you can’t chip in there are things you can do to help!

If you want any details on why I’m asking for support after 2 years, I wrote a thorough rundown on Tumblr. I aim to be very transparent with you guys about everything. If you ever have any questions you can always contact me!

Item 3: Fandom Foodies is getting bigger.

Fandom Foodies is growing every month and we are super excited to finally have our own domain! has all the information you need about upcoming themes, how to host and how to participate. Go check it out!

Zelda Month was a big success and we are currently diving into Aslan’s Feast! This group has grown into such a cool way to find out about geeky food bloggers and get creativity flowing. I just adore it.

Item 4: I’m playing catch-up.

I’ve been a little sporadic responding to comments, messages and e-mails this week. My husband had some unexpected complications related to a surgery, and I’ve been spending a lot of time with him at the hospital and now at home to make sure he recovers well.

Now that he’s doing better, I can play catch-up! I will get back to everyone as soon as possible, but in the mean time please bear with me as I work through the backlog.

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