Announcing Food ‘n’ Flix: Pan’s Labyrinth

I am super excited today to announce that this month, I’ll be hosting Food ‘n’ Flix with the theme of Pan’s Labyrinth! Food ‘n’ Flix is a group that gets together (well, on the internet) to watch a movie and make delicious things based on that movie. Anyone can participate, and it’s always a ton of fun. You might remember me mentioning it in previous months!

I knew I wanted to host Pan’s Labyrinth the second I found out Food ‘n’ Flix existed. Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my all time favorite films, and it never fails to make me emotional. Seriously, I feel a lot of feelings with this particular flick.

Pan’s Labyrinth is the story of Ofelia, a young girl living in Spain in 1944, not long after the Spanish Civil War. Ofelia’s pregnant mother has remarried the devoted fascist Captain Vidal, a cold a cruel man. The film begins as Ofelia moves to his home. As she attempts to adjust to this unwelcoming new environment, she encounters a mystical labyrinth and a faun that gives her 3 tasks.

I won’t delve much further into the plot of the movie, as it’s best to witness it for yourself. Pan’s Labyrinth is by turns gorgeous and brutal. It bares little resemblance to the clean, bright fairytale interpretations we’ve grown used to. It’s dark and sometimes violent in addition to being fanciful, more like the original written versions of famous tales. At the same time, it’s a coldly realistic depiction of war and rebellion.

In terms of food, Pan’s Labyrinth is rich with inspiration. Food is a massive source of symbolism throughout the film, and I hope you all can enjoy your viewing and come away wanting to cook something amazing.


Watch Pan’s Labyrinth!  Taking inspiration from the film, head into the kitchen and make something yummy. Beverages, pastries, savory dishes… it’s all welcome!

Post about your creation on your blog and include a link back to this post in addition to a link to Food ‘n Flix.

✼ Alternately, you may post your recipe on Instagram (public accounts only). You must include the following in your caption: a short introduction about your dish, your recipe, the hashtag #FoodnFlix and a tag to @prettycakemachine

Email your entries to and cc Your e-mail must include the following:

  • Your name
  • The name of your blog as you want it written (or Instagram account, if your submission is there)
  • The name of the dish/drink you created
  • A direct link to your post (blog or Instagram)
  • An attached photo or permission to pull one from your post

Note: Please indicate “Food ‘n Flix Submission” in the subject line!



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