An announcement, plus a preview for my next recipe.

First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for reading and for your support! I have gotten some of the most wonderful messages over the past week, and they are such a highlight of my day every time.

In that same vein, and in hopes of making this blog experience better for you all, I’m going to begin posting on a schedule! Rather than dropping new posts whenever I happen to make a cake, I’ll be publishing a new post on Mondays. Barring unforeseen circumstances, my plan is to have new content for you all at the beginning of each and every week! I hope you’ll grab a dang fine cup of coffee and come see me for new sweets each Monday.

In the coming weeks I will not only be completing my Sailor Moon series, but also on sharing some techniques and family recipes that I am extremely excited about! In fact, here’s a preview for next Monday… true German Black Forest cake, right out of my Oma’s recipe book.

See you all next week!

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